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Guiding steps on the Proper Use of the Vacuum Sealer

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Guiding steps on the Proper Use of the Vacuum Sealer

Owning a vacuum sealer will change kitchen life dramatically. Things get more comfortable as food wastage become a thing of the past due to the convenience of storage brought by the sealer. One can conveniently store the leftovers after preparing and serving the meal if the products used can be of help in the next meal. The vacuum packing machines also allow the storage of non-food items and therefore an essential home appliance. However, one has to know how to use it to achieve the best results, and this article provides some of the easy guiding tips.

These guiding steps are basic procedures that everyone using the vacuum packing machine, especially newbies, should know about. They are basic procedures that determine the overall effectiveness of the machine. Check out the following tips:

Freezing or Refrigerating Your Food

Although the vacuum sealer increases the life of the food stored in it, it is important to note that it does not fully inhibit food spoilage. In short, it does not work on its own but is used to improve the effectiveness of other food preservation machines such as freezers. It is therefore advisable to first freeze or refrigerate the food to maintain a lengthy period of freshness. After pre-freezing vacuum the food and freeze it for months or years.

Choice of Sealer bags

All types of vacuum packaging machine may have a common thing in their functionality. However, different types of sealers have different parts that may differ in size, shapes, and material among other qualities. Vacuum sealer bags are among the most crucial components of the sealer that determine their efficiency in storage. Most of these appliances are designed to only operate with specific bags, and therefore you cannot just use any bag from the market with your vacuum sealer. One has to obtain the recommended bag for the appliance, or otherwise, it fails to work correctly. Some of the faults likely to be witnessed include jamming of the bags inside the sealer or failure to seal correctly.

Freeze liquids Items

Vacuum sealing of liquids products requires much caution as it may result to spillage inside the machine that could interfere with its functionality. One should make sure that all liquids products intended to be stored in the sealer are first completely frozen. Failure to observe this may cause damage to the appliance when it sucks air together with the liquids or electrocution when retrieving the items.

Allowing the sealer bags some space

One mistake that some people do when vacuum sealing is bag overfill. It is advisable to let at least 3-5 inches at the top before sealing. This space ensures that one achieve a good seal and create a room for resealing in a situation where the first seal wasn’t done correctly.

Maintaining the smoothness of the bags

It is essential always to ensure that the sealer bags are kept smooth when filling with items to be stored. If the bags get wrinkles, they may form air pockets that inhibit attaining an airtight seal. Other than the smoothness of the bags, it is also important to make sure that the products being filled in the bags are smooth enough to avoid tearing. Sharp items such as boned-meat and frozen products can be wrapped with soft papers or towels before they are put in the bags.


One of the fundamental tricks to achieve the perfect functioning of the vacuum packing machine sealer and its long life is ensuring the cleanliness of both the appliance and the items being stored in it. Vacuum sealing of a variety of products in the machine on a daily basis will automatically leave it dirty. You, therefore, need to take a few minutes of your time to clean the sealer before sealing other products to remove particles such as crumbs that may have fallen. Otherwise, they may jam the sealer and prevent a perfect seal or cause contamination of food products stored in it.

These are the key guiding steps on how to vacuum seal food correctly. They should be followed strictly to get the most out of the machine. Otherwise, you will always have a problem with the food getting bad.

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