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Pros and cons of Tin Can Packaging

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Pros and cons of Tin Can Packaging

Tin cans are some of the most recommended methods for packaging your products food, such as spices, soups, and soft drinks. They are also popular with packaging pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and other consumer products. That is because of the numerous benefits that come with tin cans over the alternative methods. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the key pros and cons of tin cans. Check out the following:


More shelf Life

Compared to most of the available options such as aluminum and steel, tin offers more shelf life. That is because the tin material does not react with the food material. For the other material such as steel and aluminum, they can easily corrode depending on the acidity of the food packaged thus destroying it. That is the reason why these containers cannot be used for the storage of soups, drinks or pharmaceuticals. But for the tin cans, they are not corrosive, and that’s why they can store food for long without it going bad.

Light Weight, Easy to Handle

The issue of weight is critical when it comes to packaging and transporting the products over a long distance. For most service providers, they charge transport fee based on the weight of the load to be shipped. So if you’re looking for ways to reduce the cost of production, then cutting on the transport would be a perfect way. Tins cans are lightweight, and thus they will help reduce the cost of production. They are also easy to hand compared to their counterparts due to this feature.

Rigid and Strong

Tin cans offer incredible flexibility in packaging due to their rigidity and strength features. These are the kind of cans that can maintain their original shape even subject to a high impact. Therefore, you will not have a problem of deformed cans which significantly reduces losses associated with return stock due to deformities. These features also enable to use various forms of transport with worrying about the state of the cans. This is also a features that sellers and customers also look for in tin cans.

Flexible Packaging

Tin cans are extremely flexible when it comes to packaging. Due to the various properties that tin material comes with such as high rigidity and strength, these cans offer high flexibility in packaging. You can arrange these cans the way you see best and can also be transported by any means of transport and still retain their original condition. That is something that may not be seen in other types of cans as they can easily deform or destroy the content inside while in transit.


Packaging Acidic Products

Packaging extremely acidic products are not possible with metallic cans. That is because metal is corrosive and thus the packaging of acidic products would cause a reaction that will definitely destroy both the product and the can. Therefore, these cans cannot be used to package acidic products. This is one of the major causes con of tin cans.


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