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Excellent ductility and strength, thyssenkrupp DR material reduces the thickness of the easy-open lid by more than 10%

Release date:2022-08-07 Author: Click:

Excellent ductility and strength, thyssenkrupp DR material reduces the thickness of the easy-open lid by more than 10%


Recently, Germany-based ThyssenKrupp Packaging Steel has developed a new grade of packaging iron that can further reduce the thickness of easy-open lids.


The secondary cold-rolled steel, dubbed "SolidFlex," maintains the performance of the easy-open lid even when the thickness is reduced by more than 10 percent, the company said.


For the 73mm diameter easy-open lid commonly used in food cans, the thickness can be reduced from 0.18mm to 0.16mm. For lids over 73mm, the thickness can be reduced from 0.21mm to 0.18mm.


SolidFlex can also be used to produce bottom and top lids for aerosol cans.


During the rolling process, the secondary cold rolled steel becomes stronger, but the increase in strength usually comes with a decrease in ductility. ThyssenKrupp has increased the tensile strength of Solidflex, while also improving ductility, which is extremely important in the rivet forming process of the combination machine.


"By further increasing the hardness, the tensile strength of the packaging steel can be increased from 580 MPa to 700 MPa, and the elongation has increased by 5% to 10%," explained Dr. Burkhard Kaup, Materials Technology Manager at ThyssenKrupp Packaging Steel.


According to Dr. Helmut Oberhoffer, the company's research director, a company-wide collaboration played a decisive role in the product's success. “On the one hand, especially benefiting from the concentration of resources, we can carry out experiments in conditions close to production while checking the industrial feasibility. On the other hand, we have an exceptionally solid expertise in steel production in close cooperation with Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe. An extremely high purity of the base material is guaranteed.”


Company CEO Dr. Peter Biele added: "During processing, Solidflex also improves process stability and product quality. Higher efficiency in material usage also helps reduce costs and gives customers an edge over the competition."

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