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Automatic Rolling Machine

  • Classification of the genus:10-25L Conical Round Can production line

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  • Release date:2018/11/30
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Detailed introduction

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Ⅰ. Function 

Automatic rolling machine is necessary equipment in making food tin cans and chemical tin cans.It could work with semiautomatic seam welder.Principle of this machine:The vacuum sucker feed the tinplate to be pre-rolling position,then the first two rollers feed the tinplate to the other three rollers position,then finish rolling.

This machine structure is simple and reasonable,easy operation.It keep the same quantity of rolled can body automatically,so could work with seam welder well and use less worker.Can lid production line 
Ⅱ.Major technical parameters
Rolling diameter(mm)80-290
Can body height(mm) 85-500
Tinplate thickness(mm)0.2-0.4
Rolling motor power(KW)0.75
Raising motor power (KW)1.5
Voltage  (V)380
Output capacity   (pcs/min) 10-50
Size (mm)2025×890×1550

Can lid production line.jpg

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