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Automatic Tandem Disc Shearing

  • Classification of the genus:10-18LSquare Can Production Line

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  • Release date:2018/11/29
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Detailed introduction

    small can making machine.jpg

small can making machine.jpg

The machine  is   applicable to cutting of small canner plates for cans of foodstuff.small can making machine
Feeding Speed of Feeder Machine(piece/min)0~32(Frequency   control of motor speed)
Iron Cutting Speed (Speed of Feeding   Chain)(m/min)0~59
Application Range of Cutting Iron Sheet(mm)600~1150    600~1250
Thickness of Cutting Iron Sheet(mm)0.15~0.5
Min Width of Cut Iron Sheet(piece)1~6
Min Width of Horizontally Cut Iron Sheet(mm)

48(If   it is less than 48, tool apron needs to b

e replaced)

Total Unit Power(kw)5.45
Exterior Dimension of Machine (L*B*H))(mm)6650×3880×1530
Weight of Machine(kg)6700

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