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Electromagnetic drying machine

  • Classification of the genus:0.1-5LRound Can production Line

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  • Release date:2021/09/17
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Detailed introduction

The electromagnetic dryer  adopts the high frequency local induction drying, adopts the electromagnetic eddy current heating technology, does not need the medium auxiliary, has the cans body to heat, does not have the cans body space-time load, compares the traditional drying more energy-saving and the high efficiency, after the test saves more than 80% energy than the traditional heating method. It is the preferred product of a can making factory.automatic can making machine 

automatic can making machine.jpg

Cooling   induct.


Ⅰ.Major   technical parameters

Coneveyor   speed5-30m/min
Coneveyor typeFlat chain drive
Can hight   range200-400mm52-180mm200-400mm
Heating typeInduction
Effective   heating800mm*8(30cpm)800mm*6(30cpm)800mm*15(30cpm)
Highter   heating







Frequency   setting80KHz±10KHz
Electro.Radiation   ProtectiveCovered with safety guard
Sensing   distance5-20mm
Induction   point40mm
Induction time25sec(410mm H,40cpm)
Rise timeDistance 5mm 8   sec&280℃Distance 5mm 6   sec&280℃Distance 5mm 15   sec&280℃No require water/air
Voltage &   Frequency

380V +N ﹥10KVA

Machine   dimension7500*700*1420mm6300*700*1420mm15000*700*1420mm
Gross weight700KG850KG1300KG

automatic can making machine.jpg

automatic can making machine.jpg

automatic can making machine.jpg

automatic can making machine.jpg

automatic can making machine.jpg

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