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How to master PLC from scratch (I) Fully automatic can making machine

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Fully automatic can making machine,

How to master PLC from scratch (I)Fully automatic can making machine

PLC in the eyes of people who now understand, is indeed a relatively simple thing, after all, it belongs to the application type of secondary programming development.But as a zero - based beginners, to learn PLC, or to pay a certain amount of time to explore.Must first understand PLC is the relay circuit of the software, and the nature is to draw on the computer relay circuit diagram, this is the basis of it, so before learning PLC, you must be a little electrician foundation, to understand and use the use of a relay circuit, this is very important, after all, the PLC software is to simulate the hardware circuit.


Beginners master PLC program upload and download, this is the first step.

Because the PLC peripheral circuit has been installed, as long as a PLC Y point such as Y4 set, Y4 corresponding lights will be lit up, with universal can be measured to an output contact signal.Mitsubishi is total Yang, as long as the public end of the PLC COM met some X point, such as X1, the X1 will be light, and inside the PLC have X1, the quantity of state, the state will become a high level, to let the X1 this normally open point to connect to an intermediate relay coils of M1, M1 will be "charged", M1 control normally open contacts will be off, the relay control circuit and offline.So when you're programming, it's exactly the same thing as if you were drawing a trapezoid below the line.If a beginner understands this point, he is on the threshold.

Fully automatic can making machine

Fully automatic can making machine,

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