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Rear-feeding seam welder machine

  • Classification of the genus:0.1-5L Round Can production Line

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  • Release date:2018/11/30
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Detailed introduction


This can machine adapts to the large diameter range, and it is simple and quick to replace the cans type. It is a necessary processing equipment for metal can body shaping.tin can lid press machine 

tin can lid press machine.jpg

Ⅰ.Major technical parameters
Linear rate of welding5-30m/min
 Production capability10-20mm8-15mm
Can body diameter     D50-400mm     D52-180mm
Can body hight190-420mm
Applicable matericalTinplate  Steel-basedTinplate  Steel-based
Applicable materical thickness0.22-0.42mm0.18-0.42mm
Seam welding landing0.8mm  1.0mm  1.2mm0.6mm  0.8mm  1.2mm
 Seam point distance0.5-0.8mm
Applicable copper wire diameterΦ1.38mm Φ1.5mmΦ1.38mm
Cooling waterTemperature:20℃  Pressure:0.4-0.5Mpa  Discharge:7L/min
Total power18KVA
Power supply380V±5% 50Hz
Machine dimension1200*110*1800mm
Gross weight1200KG

tin can lid press machine.jpg

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