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The domestic construction machinery problems and to develop product standards Raiders

Release date:2008-12-16 Author: Click:


China's accession to the World Trade Organization WTO, according to China's accession to WTO legal documents, all the Chinese technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures should be consistent with WTO / TBT agreement and accept the "relevant standard setting, adoption and the fact that the norms of good behavior," according to require these commitments and principles, the development of China's construction machinery product standards necessarily require significant adjustments and changes.

First, the five major problems exist in the standardization of construction machinery products

At present, China's construction machinery products standardization there is a big gap, mainly in the following five areas:

(1) the importance of technical regulations for lack of knowledge, positioning has been unclear. Current technical regulations do not form a system, there is a chaotic management and the problem of low transparency, that the standard is mandatory technical regulations, confused the concept of administrative rules and technical documents.

(2) recommended standards with international standards and does not use a lower standard level many of the products, according to the principle of national treatment of imported products should also enjoy the same treatment within the product, differences lead to differences in the standard of product quality level, is bound to the formation of the domestic industry shock.

(3) non-selective conformity assessment bodies, certification fees and the difference between internal and external lack of information, contrary to the principle of national treatment, the principle of non-trade barriers and the principle of transparency. According to China's WTO commitments, the applicant shall select the certification body's decision, certification mark, fees, deadlines and acceptance procedures should be unified, select the certification body has nothing to do with the product's producer.

(4) that the international standards have not advanced. In fact, international standards are recognized by WTO rules, its versatility in an international context is the advanced nature of its irreplaceable. Most of them are international standard method standards, terminology and safety standards, although the use of these performance indicators of safety performance indicators like product as easy to judgment, but there is no domestic product safety performance requirements of the international standard safety performance indicators In fact, the level is very high. Earthmoving machinery and revising existing standards for driver vision cab environment, driver safety and accident prevention protection devices are set forth requirements and test methods. During the study the standard project, using digital functional prototype test has become necessary means. Such as "rollover protective structure of small excavators - Laboratory tests and performance requirements" project, to determine the test load, the use of virtual prototyping software ADAMS and ANSYS software to establish the excavator model and simulation experiments, as a shown, load parameters obtained under different conditions.

(5) that China needs to establish an independent set of "Chinese characteristics" of the product standards, and that this is the establishment of so-called "rules of barriers" in the right way, even some senior leaders have this idea. In fact, this understanding is very dangerous, in accordance with WTO rules to participate in economic globalization, China's old industrial structure, product mix and the system is also bound to change dramatically. Research on international standards and foreign advanced standards developments, track and catch up with international standards and foreign advanced standards have become an inevitable requirement under the new situation of China's development of social productive forces.

Second, strengthen the construction machinery industry standards Raiders

Machinery Development of the early 20th century, 70 to 90 years, the Ministry of Machinery Industry, the Ministry of Construction and affiliated industry associations based on the collected /data from abroad, combined with China's situation, the development of a number of construction machinery product type, technical parameters and conditions of national or industry standards, since these products are machine standards, details the various product models, bucket capacity, carrying capacity, engine power, etc., and even heavy machines have made provisions. And the user's needs are diverse, if all standard design and production, it will come standard without the need for the user, for the user's needs and may not meet the standards. Therefore, meticulous regulations actually hindered the pace of development of the product.

Therefore, the state authorities and industry standards into these recommended standards, companies can voluntarily adopt. For a long period of time, as many companies or their own product standards. One reason is that companies do not fully enter the market economy, is also hoping to force national or industry to promote the development of the product, and second, many users also believe that international and national standards is the highest standard for manufacturers to develop their own do not worry, We want companies according to national standards. Therefore, from the development trend, the enterprise is slowly fading standard products. This is a customer-focused product development and production practices.

(B) change of government oversight of market surveillance

China has joined the WTO, the government must adopt legal means management has integration with world markets Chinese market. Government should protect the interests of the public, focusing on quality and safety, health, environmental and other aspects of supervision products. Therefore, the state should develop a unified national machinery safety, environmental regulations as soon as possible. These regulations is that all products must meet the safety laws and regulations, but also the content of government oversight.

For those who requested the specifications of the machine size, performance indicators, the level of reliability even product performance indicators should be selected by the market and users, change of government oversight of market surveillance. Under pressure of market competition, corporate emphasis for these quality indicators is much greater than the government

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