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Electromagnetic drying machine

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  • Release date:2018/11/29
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Detailed introduction

The electromagnetic drying equipment of high frequency induction drying, energy saving than traditional drying more than 80%, using exhaust gas pumping system, in line with environmental protection requirements, optimize the production environment. Servo control system and frequency conversion speed control are adopted to control precision. Man-machine interface in Chinese and English, modular storage of parameters, easy to operate, and with fault self-diagnosis function, safe and reliable.tin can making machine production line 


tin can making machine production line.jpg

Cooling   induct.coil

Ⅰ.Major   technical parameters


Coneveyor   speed5-30m/min

Coneveyor typeFlat chain drive

Can hight   range200-400mm52-180mm200-400mm

Heating typeInduction

Effective   heating800mm*8(30cpm)800mm*6(30cpm)800mm*15(30cpm)

Highter   heating







Frequency   setting80KHz±10KHz

Electro.Radiation   ProtectiveCovered with safety guard

Sensing   distance5-20mm

Induction   point40mm

Induction time25sec(410mm H,40cpm)

Rise timeDistance 5mm 8   sec&280℃Distance 5mm 6   sec&280℃Distance 5mm 15   sec&280℃No require water/air
Voltage &   Frequency

380V +N ﹥10KVA

Machine   dimension7500*700*1420mm6300*700*1420mm15000*700*1420mm

Gross weight700KG850KG1300KG

tin can making machine production line.jpg

tin can making machine production line.jpg

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