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Inside & Outside Lacquering machine

  • Classification of the genus:1-5LRectangular Can Production Line

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  • Release date:2019/07/26
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Detailed introduction

This metal can making production line is mainly used for the internal and external welding line coating of 1l-25l chemical cans and food cans, and the conveying bracket is made of specially customized heavy aluminum alloy. It is mainly used to prevent rust at the weld.round can making machine

round can making machine

Ⅰ.Major   technical parameters round can making machine
Roller speed5-30m/min
Lacquer width10-20mm8-15mm
Can body range     D50-400mm     D52-180mm
Power   consumpiton0.5KW
Power supply220V
Air   consumption0.6Mpa 20L/min
Machine   dimension2100*720*1520mm
Gross weight300KG

round can making machine

can production machineround can making machine

round can making machine

round can making machine

round can making machine

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