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1-10L can automatic rounding welding machine

  • Classification of the genus:1-5LRectangular Can Production Line

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  • Release date:2019/02/18
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Detailed introduction

can production machine


Suitable for different welding, such as food cans, chemical cans, barrels and squares. Can the

 body internal and external paint and body dryer

 is optional. According to customer needs to speed up.can production line machineS can production machinecan production machinecan production machineemi-automatic  tin can machine

Ⅱ.Main parameters
Linear welding6-36m /min
Production capability  60 ~ 120 cans / min
Suitable for height 70~320 mm
Applicable materialstin based chromium steel
Applicable material thickness0.16~0.30mm
Seam landing0.4 mm 0.6 mm
Stitch distance0.5-0.8mm
The copper diameterø 1.38mm ø 1.5mm
Cooling water temperature12 - 18 C pressure: 0.4 ~ 5 MPa
Discharge4380 v±5% 50hz
Total power380V±5% 50HZ  

can production machine

can production machine

can production machine

can production machine

can production machine

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