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China machinery manufacturing than in Europe for nearly 30 years behind

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Haier, TCL and other companies have been through and although the brand domestically, but to buy air withered, shopping guide will tell you the compressor from Japan, buy a refrigerator, or a shopping guide will tell you that the compressor is from Japan. The industry believes that China's machinery manufacturing full backward than in Europe for nearly 30 years.

Joint sorrow

April 2006, become the leader of China's construction machinery industry Xugong Group and Carlyle merger plan basically finalized. Carlyle Asia Investment Company with $ 375 million acquisition of Xugong Group companies - Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. --85% of the shares. Although in June due to the intervention of Sany makes the process of holding an unexpected turn, but many economists are worried about the declaration of the "China Cat mechanical engineering industry takes all" program ended.

March 2005, the world's largest manufacturer of machinery and equipment - Caterpillar low was "surprising," the price of the acquisition of 40% stake in Shandong Heavy Industry, Construction Machinery industry came thereafter, tougher than Carter Le has developed a huge acquisition plans, aimed at "erode China's construction machinery." The stable construction machinery industry, "Big Brother" for many years XCMG is certainly one of its stated objectives.

If Carlyle Xugong acquisition success, which is equivalent to the Caterpillar head with a blow. But for Carlyle, the ultimate goal is to better prices Xugong to resell, so Xugong development will still be unknown.

Since the 1990s, large multinationals have to enter the domestic machinery industry reached the market, mainly in the automotive, electrical appliances, cultural and office equipment, instruments, general machinery and engineering machinery and other fields, these industries accounted for foreign machinery industry 80% of the amount of direct investment.

Machinery Industry Federation president Yu Zhen change in foreign investment this statement: "The basic premise is that investment activities in China must keep its control, particularly noteworthy is particularly keen on the advantages of the current multinational mergers and acquisitions of high-growth industry enterprise "Today, we can see that the pump nozzle in the industry, the acquisition of the German company Bosch pump nozzle industry Pai Tau enterprises - after Jiangsu Wuxi Weifu Co., China's pump nozzle industry almost all multinational mergers and acquisitions, holding , technology centers have also been established after years of dismantling, merging; in the bearing industry, bearing industry four years ago, the country's first listed company - Northwest bearing Co., Ltd., a joint venture it has with the world's third largest company in Germany FAG bearings Corporation, two years after the joint venture into a German-owned enterprises. ...

Black Hole Technology

China's machinery manufacturing industry in addition to facing a "foreign enemy," but there are also many problems of their own.

Once upon a time, the company's imports of machinery as a propaganda stunt. Guangdong, a business like this to show off their food: "The company introduced more than Japan, Taiwan automated production equipment, superb technology, excellent product quality to win the favor of consumers."

Such examples abound. People have accepted this reality by depicting: Only foreign imports of production lines and production equipment is reliable, it is to ensure that the products.

After the rise of the slogan "revitalize national" industry, the domestic gradually forging a number of well-known brands, such as home appliances, there are Haier, TCL and so on. Although the brand has been downright "localization", but when it comes to the core components of the product, but mostly from abroad, to buy air conditioners, compressors shopping guide will tell you from Japan, buy a refrigerator, or a shopping guide will tell you that the compressor is from Japan.

The industry believes that the existence of China's machinery industry a huge technical "black hole", the most prominent manifestations of high dependence on foreign technology. In recent years, tens of thousands of yuan in fixed assets investment in China every year for equipment, more than 60% is imported. Even as the National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone of the window, there are 57% of technology from abroad.

Metallurgical mechanical design engineer Yan told the "off": "In the metallurgical machinery, and in recent years our plate and strip production line three or four 50 of profile even more, and the total investment can be said to be staggering, but these devices and systems are all from Germany, Japan and Italy. "For example, Hebei he saw a large steel plant, condensate rolling equipment from Germany SMS Siemag, galvanized the equipment from Italy Danieli.

According to statistics Machinery Industry Federation, the current contribution rate of new products industrialized countries 52%, China is only 5.9%. With independent intellectual property core technology products less clones more. This results in addition to weaken the capability of independent innovation, but also vulnerable to infringement allegations. Even if there is a self-developed technology, it can easily be accused of "plagiarism." China's recently developed "CM1 Dolphin" maglev test run yet, it was Germany and some media companies accused of "copying the German maglev technology."

  Director of the Research Center of Beijing ranks Zhong Dajun Economic Observer said: the backbone of the entire industrial manufacturing equipment are foreign products, which exposed the weakness of China's industrialization. Machinery manufacturing industry is a national of the spine and the spine, the spine China in the future if you do not exercise hard, straight up, then the whole economy and defense are weak.

30 years behind

It has been launched "China's machinery industry lags behind European countries for many years," the discussions on the Internet, many people think that "at least 30 years, the gap is there." This gap especially in the engine.

Engine as a mechanical "heart", how to evaluate its importance in the machinery is not too much, especially in terms of being a strong advocate for the automotive industry.

China's auto industry for many years, did not use their own design "heart", which makes a lot of people in the industry whom car trouble. But now there are several car companies started to pay attention to design their own engine. Chery is one of them, it successfully developed ACTECO engine for China automobile technology have begun to earn money. Not long ago, Chery ACTECO engine won the "2005 China Creativity Award."

But concern engine industry Yan man engineers "off", said: "Although the engine got awards, but the message is also specified: the production ACTECO engine Chery engine plant using the latest technology, has introduced from Germany and Italy, the country's highest industry standards production line, using the grid structure, fully air-conditioned sealed to ensure high-precision equipment in a stable, clean production conditions. "Yan said, the news made him whom discouraged.

Power large construction machinery used - diesel is not optimistic. Ship Dealer Lao Zhu, referring to his years of distribution hull, said: "a reference to domestic diesel associate is: stupid boss rough, leaking; and later into the boats, with its host of Weichai WD615 series, I feel pretty good. "

Insiders Luo Zheng (a pseudonym) on the "well-off" means, WD615 Steyr products is the driving force at the end of the 1970s introduced. Ministry of Machinery Industry was from Austria after the introduction of the product engine to engine plant in Shandong Weifang. After nearly 20 years of digestion and absorption, WD615 series production capacity will reach 20 million units. Luo Zheng said that the product is not the introduction of the latest products from Austria was Austria, and it is this product is still heavy truck is currently the mainstream products.

No exchange technology market

More and more people in the industry recognition: experienced 20 years of joint venture, Chinese auto companies have not formed the core technology. Other industries are also probably the case. Statistics show the country to the introduction of foreign equipment and production lines mainly patents and proprietary technology introduction inadequate. In 2004 the total amount of the technology import contract $ 13.86 billion, including complete sets of equipment and production lines accounted for 52.3%, the proportion of proprietary technology is only 29.8%.

Why did not return the necessary technical market? Chief analyst at China National Automotive Industry Consulting Development Corporation has, for example, said Jia Xinguang, a joint venture in the early days of the Beijing Jeep Co., who will return to the Chinese American engineer to open a farewell party, raising questions about farewell meeting Americans: "You techniques do not mean to, why do not people ask me? "Jia Xinguang that the vehicle is not brought equal to the transfer of technology, some key places to learn, but also need someone to coaching. However, a considerable number of joint venture companies only concern, and so the introduction of formal stuff.

Imitation without digestion and absorption are helping industrial machinery astray. The proportion of China's total, state-owned industrial enterprises in the introduction of technology digestion and absorption of funds and the cost of the two funds is 1:0.06. The proportion of South Korea, Japan and the digestion and absorption of imported technology companies reached 1:5 to 8.

In addition to digestion is not in place outside the technical barriers is also becoming a huge obstacle to the Chinese way of introduction. Current intellectual property has become a weapon in developed countries including the United States to maintain the gap between developing countries. More than one Western media suggested that only the West continues to lead in innovation in order to respond effectively to China's rise. Beijing Institute of Engineers of a Song Yu said: "Europe and America careful to keep his level of technology gap with China for decades."

Resulting outcome is followed by a list of the embargo, especially high-precision machine tools is expressly prohibited the United States and other developed countries jointly sold to China. Degree Deng told the "off": "We bought a large German gear grinding machine had to have the approval of NATO, want to ensure that they are civilian."

Even in the joint enterprise, multinational companies also strive to maintain this gap, the specific way is the core technology blockade. After Liu Yan people who work for a few months in the joint venture, which has been fully appreciate: "art is not easy to actually be allowed to plant." The reason is that some of the core components by the foreign monopoly, not allowed to see the Chinese art .

Through various regulatory measures to ensure the strength of the leading countries in addition to China "containment" political ambitions beyond that also meet the requirements of Western companies, because only by maintaining technological leadership, they can earn more profits from China.

State support fulcrum what?

The industry generally believe that the degree of attention and is closely related to the formation of a black hole technology, investment. An industry source sigh: "The state in the past two decades ignored the development of the machinery industry, can prove in terms of policy, funding, and even the name is from the Ministry of Machinery Industry to the Department of Electrical and Mechanical appointed to Machinery Bureau, level. one to drop a level to be disregarded. "

"Protracted war" feature determines the machinery industry in the development of obstacles it encountered. Zheng Luo to "off", said: "Working machinery and equipment, requires a huge investment requires tremendous patience to wait for the fruition."

Since this process is very time consuming, but also facing the development, raw materials, production, marketing, brain drain, foreign competition, the low-end market is tough and multiple pressures, so many experts believe that should give preferential policies, should be given research institutions and enterprises in certain industries concessions, given an opportunity to develop freely.

Chairman of Zhejiang Wanxiang Group Guanqiu told the media that our country should be treated as a special machinery manufacturing industry to support the development, should be given preferential treatment, for example, could be reduced to reduce the VAT and income tax rates. If such a profit despite the current situation continues, China's machinery manufacturing industry is indeed very dangerous. "In our group, for example, the current situation is earned by other industries to support manufacturing."

Property incentive system is a great emphasis on the aspect of many experts. Zheng Luo on the "off" indicates "had a large engine plant had made a lot of research and development, or be taken away free country, or by other companies free of plagiarism." Some scholars said, "the state-owned enterprises to encourage innovative talents property substantially Without the implementation of "intellectual property rights on the one hand innovations have not been effectively protected; on the other hand, the contribution of innovators have not been confirmed property.

The State Council recently issued a policy to accelerate the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, a clear focus on the development proposed sixteen major technical equipment. A considerable number of experts on the prospects for China's machinery full of expectation.

Many experts also reminded, now is the perfect time to the development of the machinery industry, the timing of the dead, no end of trouble.

Yu Zhen told the media that, since 2002, the machinery industry entered a new round of sustained high growth period. China accelerated development of heavy chemical industry is the phenomenon of a specific period. If at this stage we can not solve this problem Machinery Manufacturing, once the demand fall, domestic equipment manufacturing industry development more difficult. At the same time, foreign multinational companies by the economic globalization trend and our WTO entry, do everything possible to fight for control of position in China. If we are a little slack, the future of domestic enterprises can only placing him under.

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