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The influence of the size of the hook on the wrinkling of the round edge of the bottom cover

Release date:2017-12-26 Author: Click:


    With the continuous expansion of the metal packaging industry chain, the increasingly fierce market competition, the same product differentiation, low cost has become the mainstream direction of the development of the industry. In view of the current situation that the consumption of three-piece can packaging material is high and the cost proportion is high in the market, it is the best way to ensure the market share of three-piece can by enlarging the research and development of "reduction and thinning". Therefore, the continuous thinning of metal packaging materials, as the domestic metal packaging products have an important means of international competitiveness of products, its popularization will have a significant impact on the development of the metal packaging industry chain.

     Metal packaging, the lid and can body sealing effect after sealing is the key to determining whether the long-term storage of food or beverage and other factors. However, in the recent production, it was found that when the thickness of the bottom cover is reduced to 0.12 mm, the material of the bottom portion is seriously wrinkled when the bottom cover is processed by the round edge process, which is difficult to satisfy the subsequent roll sealing requirements and thus affect The sealing effect of the can easily lead to the leakage of the contents of the can in the fold area.

    Through a large number of production practices and experimental studies, it has been found that the size of the lid groove, the groove curve of the mold, the initial velocity of the lid into the round edge machine, the distance between the inside and outside of the groove, all have a great influence on the round edge wrinkling.

    Due to many factors, various factors are often interrelated, it is difficult to solve the problem of wrinkles by experimental method. Among all influencing factors, the size of the grooved edge of the bottom cover has a weak correlation with other influencing factors, and is closely related to the size of punched blanking of the bottom cover. Therefore, we avoid the complexity caused by the combined effect of multiple influencing factors, and study the influence of hook size on wrinkling separately. Finally, the following conclusions

 1. The size of the hook edge has a significant effect on the result of the bottom round edge. As the crochet size decreases, the degree of wrinkling after the bottom hem will continue to decrease.

2. When the size of the hook edge is large, the plastic variable accumulated during the inward bending of the hook edge is large, and the ability of the edge of the hook edge and its adjacent area to coordinate deformation is also poor. Therefore, the flow of the hook edge material is seriously hindered, Edge wrinkles easily. The smaller hook edge size, due to the crochet edge and adjacent areas of the material has increased fluidity, and thus reduce the degree of wrinkling after the round edge


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