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The process of making iron cans

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The process of making iron cans:

1, all the use of internal paint cans, the purpose is to improve the metal packaging iron cans container corrosion resistance, at the same time, the electrochemical effect of metal can be a small amount of iron in the metal box dissolved.

2. Make stamping and forming. That is, a punching head of a punching machine is used to punch a flat plate into a cylindrical die so that the metal plate can deform and become a round iron tank. The diameter of the iron box formed after the initial stamping can be reduced by using the stamping process.

3, the sheet metal plate into a rectangular iron sheet, the blank roll is cylindrical, the two ends of the joint longitudinal tin welded up to form a barrel. The end of the cylinder and the round cover are rolled and sealed by mechanical means, and the other end is fitted with a prepared jar lid, forming a packing iron tank, a container body, a jar lid, and a tank bottom three parts, so it is called a three-piece jar. General iron cans are three pieces of cans, aluminum cans with two cans of technology, SMD using Offsctdruckereien technology, such three pieces of iron cans are not easy to load candles. Easy to leak, if necessary, recommend the bone to paint glue (excluding tax) to prevent leakage of wax. Usually this three-piece can also need to prevent the surface rust, still need to use printing. In the production of three cans note: Before the end of the process to cut corners and cut off, solder solder in the process of solder after soldering to clean the tin crumbs, to be cooled after the flanging, can be completed.

In addition, the production requirements of the Cupping: the dry beverage can also be carried out on the outer surface coating, printing, interior surface coating, open end of the flange forming and nosing. For the Food iron box in the cleaning process of the external surface coating, the open end of the flange forming, cylinder pressure ripple and inner surface coating or iron box at the bottom is on a number of die presses with a coated plate made of the tank cover pressure corrugated reinforcement to bear internal and external pressure.

Packaging iron cans because of excellent printing performance, beautiful metal luster texture to maintain performance is widely used in various industries, because the production process of iron cans have its particularity, and then with colorful graphic printing and advanced metal processing technology by consumers love!

Packaging Iron cans environmental requirements: when the iron cans exist in the environment, can naturally oxidize and revert to the original iron oxide state, return to nature, so the heap of scrap box can be decomposed by time, and will not cause environmental pollution. At the same time, the production of iron cans do not have to cut down trees, not damage the ecological balance, in line with international environmental protection The use of iron boxes more safe, sanitary, and effectively reduce the amount of waste, the recovery of the direct and obvious benefits, in various industries become a trend.

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