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Can Sealing Machine

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                                      Machine maintenance and maintenance rules

General Requirements:

(1) All compressed air pipelines shall not have gas leakage phenomenon, the equipment can't have a leak sound (except the normal operation of the valve).

 (2) All can machines should be cleaned on site during shift and thoroughly cleaned once a week.

(3) No oil leakage occurs in all gearbox transmissions. people on duty who can't repair them, must do a  maintenance  forgetting, once there is downtime, immediately repair maintenance, for really can not stop maintenance, to observe once per class, in case of oil shortage caused accident.


(4) The box door should be closed when the distribution box is working properly, and the line groove cover plate should be buttoned well.

(5) The normal operation of the motor must not be missing the motor wiring cover, fan blades, fan cover, chain, sprocket exposed to the installation of protective cover.

(6) The electrical and mechanical protection of all can machines can't be dismantled.

(7) All fixed bolts shall not be loosened and checked for fastening on time.

(8) after each device is turned on, check if there some different sound first,If so, check after downtime immediately.

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