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Construction machinery industry into the international trend of the economy still

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For 2007, the construction machinery industry in terms of a "blowout" of the year. After strong growth in 2006, 2007, the whole construction machinery industry is still a gratifying situation, to achieve rapid development. Zoomlion, Sany, Liugong, Hill pushed construction machinery and other industry leading performance is showing explosive growth, exports are increasing.

Next year the industry boom is still

Recently, the reporter from the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, the governing three-third General Assembly and the Sixth China Construction Machinery Development Forum was informed that the domestic construction machinery industry exports and imports in the first three quarters of healthy development, industry-wide sales revenue, total profit and exports have increased significantly. Statistics show that China's construction machinery industry in the first three quarters of rapid growth, continued to show a momentum of rapid development. Most products have increased over the previous year to varying degrees; exports $ 6.16 billion, an increase of 71.5%.

China Construction Machinery Association Han Xuesong think the first three quarters of construction machinery industry is running well, mainly due to pull the total fixed asset investment, investment in fixed assets to gross domestic product (GDP) has increased, while the size of the project under construction high and new projects increased. in addition, the world economy maintained strong growth, foreign investment in real estate enthusiastic, as well as the development of infrastructure and promotion of new rural construction and mortgage finance leasing business is to stimulate the construction machinery market good factor.

Central China Securities researcher Yuan believes that winning glory, construction machinery industry at its peak, short-term business cycle upswing long-term business cycle. He believes that China is still heavy industrialization stage of construction machinery hotspots consumption. During the "Eleventh Five-Year", railways, highways, mining, docks, venue construction will remain active, large open new rural construction demand for construction machinery. Engineering machinery products export advantage is reflected, in particular, for the third world countries more competitive. With the improvement of technology, engineering machinery products, exports will maintain rapid growth

Experts at the meeting that, according to the parties forecast, taking into account the 2008 total domestic GDP ratio will decline this year, but will remain at the high level, the construction machinery industry will remain very favorable, which estimated 2008 construction machinery industry still in the boom years. Expected in 2008, the total annual sales of construction machinery industry will more than 250 billion yuan, an increase of more than 20% of total exports will reach $ 20 billion, imports $ 6 billion, exports $ 14 billion.

Actively participate in international competition

China's construction machinery industry after 50 years of development, has become a large number of companies, very strong manufacturing capabilities, the basic specifications varieties complete important manufacturing industry. At the same time, China's construction machinery products have begun to emerge on the world's construction machinery market, particularly in recent years, exports increased rapidly, has become a major factor driving the rapid growth of the entire industry.

Reporters learned from the meeting that at present, China's largest construction machinery export destination is the United States, while Australia, Iran, Brazil, India and Russia and other countries are potentially huge construction machinery industry customers.

For the construction machinery industry, the most obvious trend is international. Construction Machinery Industry Association believes that China's construction machinery industry development has entered a critical period, on the one hand China's enterprises from the domestic market to substantially face to face domestic and international markets, the real began to participate in international competition, started the internationalization development of a new journey.

On the other hand, with the expansion of business scale, enterprise development, production capacity, attention should shift from a focus on quantity more emphasis on variety, quality, efficiency, pay attention to environmental protection, to promote independent innovation and enhance international competitiveness.

Long way to go

Can not be avoided, the current Chinese construction machinery export ratio less than 25%, and much lower than in developed countries. There are no "world famous" product a real sense, and no one in the world ranking of multinational companies. "In short, the international level is very low, very long way to go." The experts said.

A construction machinery industry listed company executives believe that the well-known international companies to take a variety of effective ways through joint ventures and investment entered China, established a regional headquarters, manufacturing centers, research centers, marketing and service center four in one market system so that domestic enterprises previously relied on price competition has obvious advantages, the domestic macroeconomic environment, there are some uncertainties. Strong foreign legion, such as Caterpillar, Volvo, Komatsu of Japan, through trade, direct investment in China to build factories, and other various means of mergers and acquisitions to enter the Chinese market.

The face of strong foreign giants, the domestic construction machinery industry pressure on natural increase. A serious shortage of research and innovation capacity, product quality is not high grade, lack of world famous brands and so always haunt the Chinese construction machinery industry. To solve this problem, the Association who give advice, "do everything possible to master the core technology of construction machinery, it should be said that this is a strategic issue for the development of industry recommended the use of technical personnel in developed countries or directly to factories overseas production."

The industry also give advice, when Chinese construction machinery export growth ushered in a good situation, the industry should keep a clear mind. "High alert possible anti-dumping, intellectual property and other trade disputes."

Furthermore, raising the domestic construction machinery product quality and grades are an important part of enhancing competitiveness. Insiders stressed that "can not be satisfied with second and third stream of products to capture the developed regions, or to meet the so-called cost-effective quality secondary product perched non-mainstream market." To build a stable international market, there must be a first-class or quasi-class products, the cost of development and innovation, environmental protection, intellectual property rights, service and other aspects of the investment potential essential.

He was concerned also appeal to the relevant departments to establish a national price coordination mechanism industry, and resolutely put an end to dumping, to establish a minimum price of export products, to avoid the domestic anti-dumping lawsuits, and jointly safeguard the orderly competitive environment, seek win-win development .

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