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XDA-120 Automatic Toilet Soap Stamper Machine soap moulds

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  • Release date:2018/11/29
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Detailed introduction

soap making machine .jpg

Ⅰ. Function 

This machine can match all kinds of soap plooder which made by our factory, and compose to automatic soap production line, it can satisfy techincal requirement of cutting, shaping and stamping the toilet soaps.Adopting imported linear sliding rail, which

 greatly reducing the friction between the parts of the coefficient, and improvingthe accuracy and flexibility of motion.It characterizes with lower vibration and noise, high efficiency and long service life.soap making machine 

Ⅱ.Major technical parameters
Production capacity (cpm)80-120
Soap weight (g)50-200
Power (kw)3
Punch frame reciprocating stroke124mm
Reciprocating stroke of moving table115mm
Size (mm) 1480×750×1100
Weight (kg) 175

soap making machine .jpg

soap making machine .jpg

soap making machine .jpg

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