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How is soap made

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How is soap made

     Soap can be divided into soap, pharmaceutical soap, transparent soap, laundry soap, soap chips, liquid soap and industrial soap according to the composition, appearance and use of the product.Soap is used to clean the skin.It is required to be mild and non-irritating to human skin, with pleasant and long-lasting fragrance;Soap with antibacterial agents, for human skin disinfection, cleaning;Washing soap is used for washing clothes;Saponin is nearly neutral, it does not hurt clothing materials, often used for washing silk, wool fabrics;Transparent soap can be used for both human skin cleaning and laundry;Liquid soaps are used to clean skin or objects and laundry depending on the formula.Industrial soap is mainly used in the textile industry.Soap production is very simple, at present, the more popular methods are: (1) use oil to do: oil through refining, saponification to obtain soap base.Grease is the main raw material of soap making in this way. The performance and quality of soap are largely determined by grease, so the choice of grease is one of the keys of soap making.Fz-2000 oil saponification and soap complete set production line can be used to obtain oil from animals and plants. Through saponification of oil, soap base can be produced. After the soap base is dried, ingredients, slitting, cutting, printing and packaging can be added to make soap.

      (2) with intermediate soap noodle: by buying from companies finished noodle (soap), the complet soap production line, there are three-roll grinder, conveyor, duplex screw extruder machine, vacuum pump, stamper, cutter and other equipment components, layering, cutting, printing, packaging, finally produce the qualified soap.

Soap production principle is very simple, but the colloidal properties of aqueous solution of soap and soap, it's not easy to get pure soap, it's not easy to get pure soap, soap is made of high quality, the requirements on the choice of raw materials, oil refining, saponification, refined, glycerine recycling and so on each link has a definite judgment and monitoring.


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