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chinaFront-feeding can seam welder machine

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This machine adopts frequency conversion modulate velocity;stablize dependable;adopts

 PC control; maintenance convenience simply; intelligence- odule exportation; brazing

 seam beautiful; spear parts little,it is making a pot of trad's ambition update equipment.automatic tin can seamer machine

Ⅱ.Major technical parameters
Welding speed(cpm) 6-12
Seam overlap(mm) 3-4
Welding frequency(HZ) 50
Copper wire diameter 1.5
Diameter(mm) 105-300
Height(mm) 400
Sheet thickness(mm) 0.2-1.2
Power 380v/50Hz
Welding power(KVA)) 10
Compressed air 250l/min 0.5Mpa
Cooling water 10L/min 0.2Mpa
Size(mm) 2200×1200×1600
Weight(kg) 1050

automatic tin can seamer machine.jpg

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