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  • The process of making iron cans

    The process of making iron cans:1, all the use of internal paint cans, the purpose is to improve the metal packaging iro...
    Release time:2018-01-15   Click times:189

  • What are the characteristics of YI XIN can seamer?

    1, Yi Xin semi-automatic sealing machineThe work is characterized by manual stamping, and the cans can be squeezed bet...
    Release time:2018-01-03   Click times:317

  • The influence of the size of the hook on the wrinkling of the round edge of the bottom cover

    With the continuous expansion of the metal packaging industry chain, the increasingly fierce market competition, t...
    Release time:2017-12-26   Click times:140

  • About tinplate

    The origin of tinplate Tinplate earlier said the foreign iron, the official name should be tinplate. Because the first b...
    Release time:2017-12-18   Click times:175

  • Yixin automatic canmaking production line is an essential equipment for metal can making

    Automatic canmaking production lines by the market-oriented development has been greatly developed recently in the Yixin...
    Release time:2017-12-11   Click times:265

  • The importance of the text design of metal box packaging

    Iron Box packaging design can sometimes have no graphics, but can not be no text, the text is to convey the Iron box pac...
    Release time:2017-12-04   Click times:117

  • What is a metal can?

    The metal cans are often what we say easy-open cans, the can lid and body are produced separately then assembled to...
    Release time:2017-11-15   Click times:222

  • What are two cans?

    Two cans came out of the middle of the twentieth century. The whole cans consist of two pieces, the cans and t...
    Release time:2017-11-06   Click times:295

  • Brief analysis YiXin small can sealing machine applicable field and its application

    Yixin Small can sealing machines are applied to a variety of round can, glass, plastic cans, they have reliable q...
    Release time:2017-10-23   Click times:151

  • The perfect combination of auto servo and Yi xin machinery

    The perfect combination of auto servo and Yi xin machineryServo motor definition: A servo motor is a motor en...
    Release time:2017-10-17   Click times:121

  • Comparison of vertical and horizontal tin can making machines

    For a long time, the domestic can equipment companies produced tin cans,mostly use horizontal can device, the device pro...
    Release time:2017-10-10   Click times:225

  • Metal cans are the most environmentally friendly and safest food packages

    Metal cans are the most environmentally friendly and safe food package at present.Liang Zhongkang, chairman of the canne...
    Release time:2017-10-06   Click times:112

  • Knowledge of metal cans

    First, the tinplate is coated with a tin layer of tin, it is not easy to rust, also known as tinned iron. This kind of c...
    Release time:2017-09-27   Click times:153

  • What is a three piece can?

    What is a three piece can? The application history of three pieces of can has been nearly 200 years...
    Release time:2017-09-18   Click times:288

  • Paint Can

    Jiu Jiang City is one of China's Light industry machinery manufacturing center, has a long history of production...
    Release time:2017-08-04   Click times:296

  • Can Seamer

    Acan seameris a machine used to seal the lid to the can body. The lid or ' 'end' ' is usually t...
    Release time:2017-07-27   Click times:447

  • Cannex & Fillex Asia Pacific 2018

    Asia Pacific -- International Exhibition with China metal packaging industry growth of more than 20 years. C...
    Release time:2017-07-20   Click times:327

  • Pail Machine

    Brief the tin coating principle and process requirements and precautions. At present, the tin cans on the market a...
    Release time:2017-07-08   Click times:150

  • Can Seamer

    A can seameris a piece of equipment people use to close cans by affixing a cover and crimping to make a tight ...
    Release time:2017-07-06   Click times:182

  • Soap moulds

    Jiu Jiang City is one of China's Light industry machinery manufacturing center, has a long history of prod...
    Release time:2017-06-24   Click times:172

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