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The perfect combination of auto servo and Yi xin machinery

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               The perfect combination of auto servo and Yi xin machinery


Servo motor definition:


          A servo motor is a motor engine that controls the movement of a mechanical element in a servo system. It is a supplementary motor speed change device. The servo motor can make the control speed and position accuracy very precise, and the voltage signal can be converted into torque and speed to drive the control object. The servo motor rotor speed control by the input signal, and can respond quickly, in the automatic control system, used as actuators, and electromechanical time constant, high linearity, initiating voltage characteristics, to convert signals received from the motor shaft angular displacement or angular velocity output. Divided into DC and AC servo motor two major categories, the main feature is that when the signal voltage is zero, no rotation phenomenon, the speed increases with the torque and uniform decline.


Perfect combination - conical can automatic production line


           Yi xin conical can automatic production line is not only simple in operation in hydraulic / traditional pneumatic crimping machine, the efficiency also has obvious advantages, especially precision sealing machine part adopts eight wheel clutch incomparable rolling head, four feed cam progressive barrelrollclosure feed, also suitable for the process the five and seven layer sealing requirements, speed can reach 30 cans per minute. The sealing machine without traditional head clutches, and the head and the top can tray are coaxially driven. The model has wider application range and higher production efficiency.

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