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What are the characteristics of YI XIN can seamer?

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1, Yi Xin semi-automatic sealing machine
The work is characterized by manual stamping, and the cans can be squeezed between the pressure head 
and the bottom plate or lifting plate, and then sealed cans. The curling seal has two types:
① canned itself with the pressure head rotation;
② canned fixed between the pressure head and the care plate can not be rotated.
2, Yi Xin automatic sealing machine
There are many types, such as two rollers, four rollers, six rollers, 
eight rollers and other automatic Seamer, the more rollers the higher the production capacity,
the more stable the quality of sealing cans. Currently automatic sealing machine can seal various sizes of cans,
can seal diameter 50-300mm, high 50-480mm, sealing capacity of up to 80 cans / minute.
Yi Xin Machinery can provide a variety of metal cans Sealing Machine, Hotline: 0086-792-8352828



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