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Brief analysis YiXin small can sealing machine applicable field and its application

Release date:2017-10-23 Author: Click:


       Yixin Small can sealing machines are applied to a variety of round can, glass, plastic cans, they have reliable quality, simple and lightweight operation, it’s food, beverage industry, such as the necessary ideal equipment. By the motor, pulley, spindle, upper pressure head, column, lifting table, left and right hob, camshaft and cam, gearbox, gear rack and other components.

        According to the actual situation of food canning factory and beverage factory in China, the new generation of cans can be sealed by reference to the most advanced design and manufacture of similar products in foreign countries.. Because it simplifies the structure of the nose, it makes the adjustment and maintenance especially convenient. The general staff can be proficient in the use of short-term training; small cans sealing cans, especially after the improved sealing tank curve cam, so that the quality of sealing cans is better than similar products; production capacity for frequency conversion speed, touch screen operation; The whole stainless steel material shape design can small cans machine, fully in line with the food hygiene requirements, and according to customer requirements equipped with steam injection equipment and remote control system, is currently the most advanced equipment, one of small sealing cans.

       Yixin Small sealing machine has a stable operation, the scope of the sealing tank is large, easy to operate, easy to adjust and so on, the key components using high-precision equipment processing, machining precision to improve, to ensure the stability of the machine operation, is a large and medium-sized beverage factory, cola, herbal tea, food plants, pickles, canned plants, canning plants, chemical plants, pharmaceuticals, Ideal equipment for health products.

       Yixin Small-scale sealing machine can work together with conveyor line production lines. .Small sealing can not only improve the production capacity and filling efficiency of small seal


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