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How is soap made? What raw materials are used?

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How is soap made? What raw materials are used?

Soap is a carboxylic acid sodium salt, r-co2na, where the R group is generally different, is a variety of hydrocarbon groups.R- is hydrophobic, and carboxyl is hydrophilic.In hard water, soap and Ca2+ and Mg2+ form curds, fatty acids, calcium salts, etc., commonly known as "calcium soap" and becomes useless detergents.Adding a softener to hard water removes hard water ions and makes soap work.

The soap we use now is made from a large pot in a factory.Soap factory pots are filled with butter, lard, or coconut oil, which is then added to a caustic soda (sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate) and boiled over a high heat.Fats and oils change chemically with sodium hydroxide to make soap and glycerin.Because soap does not dissolve in strong brine, and glycerine is highly soluble in brine, soap can be separated from glycerine by adding salt.Therefore, when boiled for a period of time, pour in some salt powder, the pot will emerge a thick layer of sticky paste.Scrape it into the soap mold box with a scraper, and when it cools, it forms a lump of soap.The soap is similar to regular soap except that some disinfectant has been added.

Soap is usually made from coconut oil and olive oil, and perfume and colorants are added, so there are soaps that give off all kinds of fragrance and colors.Glycerol is an important by-product of soap industry. It has a great use in national defense, medicine, food and textile.

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