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The importance of the text design of metal box packaging

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Iron Box packaging design can sometimes have no graphics, but can not be no text, the text is to convey the Iron box packaging design essential elements, many good iron box packaging design pay attention to the text design, and even some good design directly to the text changes to decorate the picture.

Iron Box packing

The text content of the iron box packing mainly involves the following points:

Basic Text: Iron box packaging logo, name and factory names. Generally arranged on the main display surface of delicacy, the name of production enterprise can also be arranged on the side or back. The brand name body generally does the standardized processing, helps to establish the product image. The name of the word is more decorative changes.

Advertising text: Advertising text is the promotion of content characteristics promotional text, content should be honest, simple, vivid, the layout of the location can be changeable, but, is not necessary text.

Data text: The material text includes the product ingredient, the capacity, the specification and so on, the arrangement position is placed in the side of the Iron box packing, the back, designs to use the printing typeface.

Description: Description of the use of products, notes, usage, shelf life, composition and other text to be concise, the font should also be used in print, generally arranged in the bottom of the box packaging, not arranged in the front.

Box Packaging design

Chinese fonts have a very good expression, reflecting the different characteristics of the character, is a vivid language in the design of iron box packaging. Printing fonts to be clear and easy to distinguish, in the application of iron box packaging is more common. Man's printing body in the Iron box packaging is mainly used in bold, Arial, round black body, comprehensive arts. Different printing bodies have different styles and have a good effect on the performance of different commodity characteristics.

In the design of iron box packaging using the most varied or decorative fonts. The form of the adornment body is various, the change form has the stroke change, the shape change, the structure change and so on. The array should make an effective choice for different content of commodities.

For the design of the cartridge packaging font selection, you should pay attention to the following points:

Font application Good recognition, readability, to avoid the general consumers do not understand should be adjusted, improve so that it can be accepted by the public, without losing the art flavor. Note that the same name, the font style of the content should be consistent.

In the packaging design of iron box, for the export of iron box packaging, or exports of goods in the packaging of the text of the design, will inevitably involve the use of foreign text. One of the most involved in the packaging of the text, the text is written in alphabetical order, 26 letters have the size of the points.


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