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Can machine

Release date:2017-03-02 Author: Click:

1505475199642115.jpg                                                                  Automatic round can machine with 60 cpm

This can machine line is suitable for 1L-5L round can automatic making with high output and high stability and can easily change the height and diameter of the cans. Machines adopts modular design which integrated automatic can standing, automatic flanging, automatic lid feeding, automatic top lid sealing, automatic reversing, automatic buttom lid sealing, this automatic can making production line is specially designed for food can, chemical barrels。Automatic flanging and automatic lid feeding are optional configuration,customers can choose by their own.

Major technical parameters

Production capacity (cans/min )---60


Can Height(mm)-----------------75-320

Thickness of tinplate (mm)---0.16-0.4

Total Power (kw)----------------------12


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